I love my life!  I have a great husband and kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything (at least not today).

So, how did I become a photographer?  Well, like so many photographers, it just happened one day.  I have always been involved with the arts in some form or fashion.  I picked up a camera in 1999 and started taking pictures of our kids and all their crazy sports. 

I have an Accounting degree from Kennesaw State University.  My photography experience; I am self-taught by reading, watching videos and joining Professional Photographers of America. 

I started M Zeman Photography in 2012.  I love creating images in sports (all kinds), kids, tweens, high school and college seniors and families.  I get such a rush when people see their images and are Wowed.  I love seeing their faces light up.

I started dabbling in product and commercial photography and find I can use my artistic abilities to provide images outside the box for businesses. 

I love what I’m doing!  Life is short, so live it up and make sure to capture it! 

P.S. Even if you don't use my services, please make sure you get your families images on your walls.